Where Dreams are Stronger than Reality!
About Film
We are living in a city which has become worst livable city in the recent research by some international organization. And we, those who are living here, we are having ‘Love & Hate’ relationship with the city. We are living in a city which we are using for our survival but don’t love at all. Everyday population increases here. City gets over crowded more than a decade and not ready to accommodate furthermore. It is severely waiting for varied devastation for various causes. What they will do who are already on way to this city and for those who are going to start tomorrow?
There is various question and causes roaming around us regarding this city. We are planning to see ourselves and the reflection of our thoughts in silver screen through cinematic storytelling with artistic approach and creative vision.
Director's Note
There is different kind of migration happening at different places of the world. Internal migration is one of them.
Here we’ve dealt with several stories while the destination is same. It's not an Anthology, but it can be something else. Dhaka Dream is an experimental independent cinema, which may have the options to explore and experiencing a new genre with fresh approach of storytelling.
Film Poster

Basic Info
Title of the film : Dhaka Dream
Tagline : Where Dreams are Stronger than Reality
Genre : Slice of Life
Format : Digital, 2K, Color (Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1)
Language : Bengali (Subtitle: English)
Duration : 100 min
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Proshoon Rahmaan
Production Company : Imation Creator
Year of Production : February 2021
Country of Production : Bangladesh

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